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Maluneh is a village in Beradust Rural District, Sumay-ye Beradust District, Urmia County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 574, in 80 families

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 teacher you are not popular for students all the time and maybe from the first moments they think you are the enemy of them. It takes a long time to convince them to like you and to remember you for the rest of their lives. Being a nice teacher is like being a hero for the kids. When you teach, the pressure is really high and you may be abused

? Why being a teacher

As a teacher you can hang out with kids all the time and this makes you to feel young in your life and your style is up to date. Your life style is needed to be current to have a good rapport with children. When you spend time with young people, you remain young and happy

Being a teacher is like being a leader. That’s why you can make a huge difference in their lives and you can make it better. You may not realize this effect. Many children in your class are fond of you and when you advise them, they take your words and you can help them to get to their aim. When they get successful in their lives they will teach their own children and you can make a huge difference

Being a teacher is like being a learner all the time because you have to learn new skills such as keeping them calm and quiet, stop fighting, being good at arts and crafts, doing counseling and so forth. So you will learn many skills and you can be a nice parent for your children

You are not going to be bored in teaching because you don’t have the same days. Every day is a new day. Because you will have a different adventure all days

You can have a nice relationship with your students and this nice rapport makes you a hero for the students and you are going to be sociable

Being a teacher is becoming a role model. If the students like you, they will look at you as a role model and they do what you do. So be careful about every single behavior because it’s going to be repeated. Some of them even decide to become a teacher

As you teach, the children will teach you too. The children are innocent and they teach you how to be pure

When you are a teacher you will laugh a lot because you are in a fun atmosphere and it will make your life cheerful

They will thank you every day or even in each walks of their lives, and it means a lot. There are always cards to thank you or verbal gratitude from their parentsas well as children

You can have many best friends while teaching. There are many nice colleagues to be friend with for life and you all have a passion for teaching

Being a teacher means leaving a trail in their achieved success and to have a small part in their lives

Watching children’s behavior toward each other makes your heart warm. The noise, mess, excitement and laughter make your life worthwhile. It is interesting to you.

Teaching is not just a job with many holidays, it will become your life and you don’t need to change it

If you want to be a teacher, others will always welcome it because it is a permanent need for the society to have great teachers. You can make better the education system and impact it in a positive way. By improving the quality of education system you will get a nice feedback in your life

Being a teacher lets you to make the world a better place to live and it helps the next generation to shape better than before


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